Chef's Collection


The first bite of any piece in this collection will show that we approach chocolate differently. The Chef’s Collection is the result of the collaboration at the heart of m cacao. We tell the stories of our chefs by celebrating flavors and treating each ingredient as a whole food.

This collection is made by true lovers of food for culinarily curious eaters. Explore classic chocolate pieces that have been reimagined with a modern sensibility, alongside iconic patisserie flavors translated into chocolate bonmots as you’ve never seen them before. 

Collection Flavors

The Opera 

The Opera is a signature cake from world-renowned patisserie Dalloyau in Paris, where Chef Delphin Gomes worked in his early days.  Coffee and chocolate come together in a polyphonic aria of three layers: coffee ganache, dark chocolate ganache, and an almond coffee cake. Adorned with a swipe of edible copper, Opera will have you cheering for an encore.

Bourbon Pecan Praline 

You can take the chocolatier out of Texas, but he’ll always long for the flavors of home. Chef Michael Nichols created this homage to the Lone Star State, where he discovered his culinary curiosity. Buttery toasted pecan praline pairs perfectly with a heady layer of bourbon ganache. 

Caramel Puya Chile 

The chile pepper creation that started it all. Puya chiles are confited using our own method to perfectly preserve their flavor and texture. Next comes the caramel--a deep amber balance to the Puya’s heat. They’re then enrobed in chocolate and garnished with green Hatch chile powder. 

Hatch Chile Caramel 

A landmark fusion of southwestern spice with classic French confiserie, red Hatch chiles are dried, pulverized, and blended into our house-made small-batch caramel with a splash of bourbon, then enrobed in dark chocolate for a rich exemplar of sweet heat.

Les Sensations

A true textural experience, Les Sensations reveals a heart of whimsy. Blended with the toasted almond and hazelnut croquante praline, you’ll find both crispy feulletine and popping crystals that explode on your tongue as the flavors melt on your palate. Enrobed in dark chocolate and garnished with a toasted almond sliver, you’d never suspect Les Sensations’ secrets.

The Honey Bee

You have been whisked away into fresh wildflower fields and almond groves that are romanced by honeybees all season long. A dollop of wildflower honey is piped into a delicate chocolate shell, then a praline of toasted almonds is added, and the piece is enrobed in dark chocolate and garnished with crystals of field-gathered bee pollen. Chef Michael developed The Honey Bee in support of a documentary about honey bees, The Pollinators. It quickly became a staff favorite and remains one of our signature pieces. 

Palet de Cuivre

Palet de Cuivre (“copper disk” in French) is a take on the classic signature piece of French chocolateries (traditionally called a Palet d’Or, or “gold disc”). It’s designed to showcase deep, rich chocolate flavor in a simple, elegant piece. A bold 85% dark chocolate ganache is enrobed in 70% dark chocolate and topped with a copper 70% chocolate sun medallion. Palet de Cuivre is an opportunity for the true chocolate lover to revel in the powerful intensity of cacao.

Orange Marzipan

A chocolate house classic. The house-made marzipan is tender, toothsome, and not too sweet. Our house-confited oranges elevate the marzipan with a citrusy brightness. It’s coated in our signature dark chocolate enrobe and finished with a garnish of confit orange peel.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Visa Cardholder (New York, NY)

We haven’t eaten all the chocolate we had purchased. We are thoroughly savoring with satisfaction beyond belief, every piece

Judy Austin (Salisbury, VT)

The chocolates are awesome! Way to go Delphin!

Liz B (Dorchester, MA)
Scrumptious and delicious

These chocolates are so great tasting, and delicious, so good! Will be ordering again for sure.

Judith D Gregg (Amesbury, MA)
Easter Treat

Our 11 guests ate all the candies, even the hot jalapeños . There were the “hit” of our celebration . We’ll be back sooon🍫🤎.

Liz Berrios (Dorchester, MA)
Very tasty chocolates

The chocolates are very tasty, love the variety. Will purchase again

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