The World Traveler


For the palate that wants variety, adventure, and excitement, this box combines the classic Chef's Collection with our culinary global tour, the World Spice Pralines collection.

Chef's Collection

The first bite of any piece in this collection will show that we approach chocolate differently. The Chef’s Collection is the result of the collaboration at the heart of m cacao. We tell the stories of our chefs by celebrating flavors and treating each ingredient as a whole food.

This collection is made by true lovers of food for culinarily curious eaters. Explore classic chocolate pieces that have been reimagined with a modern sensibility, alongside iconic patisserie flavors translated into chocolate bonmots as you’ve never seen them before. 

World Spice Praline Collection

If you’re like us, you love to travel.  And if you’re even more like us, the best thing about traveling is diving into another cuisine while immersing yourself in the color, music, history, and art of another culture.

Prepare your culinary passport for a new type of world tour. This collection globe-trots in the most delicious way, celebrating iconic spice blends from around the world.

These spice blends each have deep roots, with modern nuances and evolutions that naturally result simply from existing for such long swaths of history. The variations we’ve blended for this collection nod respectfully to the deep impact spices have had on our world, from sparking curiosity and exploration to driving shifting economic tectonics. These blends pay homage to the cultures and places from whence they hail, built from a combination of culinary memory and scrupulous research. 

The spices we use are arguably the best in the world, sourced from single-origins by our friends at Burlap and Barrel.  The Vietnamese royal cinnamon is impossibly sweet and fragrant.  The Turkish flowering hyssop thyme is floral and herbaceous. The Guatemalan green cardamom is sweet and tart.  The Indonesian fermented white pepper is fresh and spicy.  The flavors you’ll find in this collection are without peer, meant to coax your imagination to their distant, exotic homelands.

Each praline is enrobed in our signature 70% dark chocolate and finished with a scene evoking life in its country or region of origin.

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