Orange You Glad I Said Cranberry

Knock, knock! Who’s there? A 70% dark chocolate bar filled to the brim with candied oranges and cranberries. Oranges and cranberries are both loaded with Vitamin C, so, you know, this bar is basically health food. Your mouth will be glad it opened up for this.  

Gettin' Figgy With It

People have been enjoying figs and walnuts for basically a million years. They’re so popular even one Willard Smith invested in wearable figs. We’re not recommending you wear our figs, but we decided to kick ours up a notch with 35% milk chocolate and a housemade walnut streusel. Nuh Naa Naa Naa Nuh NA NA! 

An Apple Crumble A Day

If your grandmother ever baked you a homemade apple pie with fresh apples and a buttery crust, this bar will call those memories right back to your taste buds. If your grandmother couldn’t bake, here’s what you’ve been missing! This bar is loaded with fresh caramelized apples and made-from-scratch cinnamon crumble, all on 70% dark chocolate.

EnjoyMINT Overload

If you’ve ever wanted to get punched in the face by a mint leaf, you’re going to love this bar. It’s 70% dark chocolate enrobing a peppermint patty infused with freshly dried peppermint leaf and stacked with crispy sugared peppermint leaf on top. Prepare for a minty total knockout! 

We're here to break the rules of chocolate.

- Michael Nichols, m cacao Founder

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