French Spice au Miel Molten Drinking Chocolate


Meet our Molten Drinking Chocolate, hot chocolate’s worldly, refined, bold, sophisticated cousin. Each 6 oz. variety has a unique provenance, reflected in the hand-selected ingredients used to architect our flavors. And like all our chocolates, every combination of ingredients, flavors, and aromas tells a unique story.

This drinking chocolate blend sits very close to the heart of our own Chef Delphin Gomes, who hails from Villeneuve sur Yonne in northwest Burgundy. Chef Delphin’s childhood is laced with memories of a local beekeeper who added honey to his homemade pain d’epices (French spice bread). The beekeeper went on to open a bakery, and his pain d’epices au miel was celebrated as the best in France. Our chef went on to earn acclaim of his own both at home and abroad, and he celebrates his roots by capturing the essence of that French spice bread with 35% chocolate combined with honey, cinnamon, clove, ginger, and nutmeg in this luxurious drinking chocolate. 

What makes drinking chocolate different from hot cocoa?

To put it simply: how the drink mix is made. The biggest distinction is a purer product. Our drinking chocolates are made of real chocolate instead of cocoa powder, which means they don't dissolve...they melt. This leads to a richer, warmer, thicker, more aromatic drinking experience. Hot cocoa usually relies on powdered milk, thickeners, stabilizers, and myriad other ingredients that we personally don’t love putting in our bodies, let alone our drinking chocolate. 

Drinking chocolate is meant to be savored. Sink into your favorite chair with a warm mug of our Molten Drinking Chocolate and take a deep breath as the aroma of our superior cacao and spices envelops your senses.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lucy Bernardin (Amesbury, MA)
Total decadence!

As with all of your chocolates, the flavor is amazing and the quality of chocolate is amongst the best that I have ever tasted. You all take such pride in your chocolates, that it shines through and the flavors dance on my taste buds. The Moulten Drinking chocolate is INSANELY good and has ruined me for any other "hot chocolate" for life!

Klara Grunden (Newtonville, MA)
Will order again soon

I had ordered all of the drinking molten chocolate and could not decide upon a favorite as they were all so good.

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