The Storyteller


For the traditional chocolate lover who wants an immersive taste of heat, this box combines our classic Chef's Collection with our innovative Chile Caramels Collection.

The Chef's Collection 

The first bite of any piece in this collection will show that we approach chocolate differently. The Chef’s Collection is the result of the collaboration at the heart of m cacao. We tell the stories of our chefs by celebrating flavors and treating each ingredient as a whole food.

This collection is made by true lovers of food for culinarily curious eaters. Explore classic chocolate pieces that have been reimagined with a modern sensibility, alongside iconic patisserie flavors translated into chocolate bonmots as you’ve never seen them before. 

Chile Caramel Collection

The Chile Caramel collection is for lovers of fine caramel that want to flirt with real pepper flavors and heat. That’s not to say these don’t bring the heat; you can’t put Ghost or Carolina Reaper peppers into anything without making it HOT. But these caramels are a lovely exploration of how capsaicinoids and casein can come together to smooth the build of the heat out, allowing the fruity, earthy, citrus, and floral flavors of the peppers showcased here to shine. 

Each pepper boasts unique and specific flavors that you’ll be able to fully enjoy in these pieces-- yes, even the hottest of the hot. Join the few culinarily curious chocolate connoisseurs who can say they know what a Carolina Reaper pepper tastes like (before its ripping heat gets you).