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Art BarsArt Bars

Art Bars

Chef's CollectionChef's Collection

Chef's Collection

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seriously‽ trufflesseriously‽ truffles
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seriously‽ truffles

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Garden CaramelsGarden Caramels

Garden Caramels

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Chile CaramelsChile Caramels

Chile Caramels

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Tenth Circle Challenge CollectionTenth Circle Challenge Collection

Tenth Circle Challenge Collection

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Molten Drinking ChocolatesMolten Drinking Chocolates

Molten Drinking Chocolates


Sip Something Incredible

Molten Drinking Chocolates

Chocolates for the culinarily curious

on being curious

The spirit of adventure and curiosity drives us. We use the highest quality chocolate to explore other whole, high quality ingredients, cuisines, cultures, places, and history. We're not just making chocolates — we're crafting experiences from real food. We don’t over-sweeten our creations or pack them full of refined sugars. 

We search out unique ingredients and unlock their fullest capacity for flavor, texture, and aroma. But that’s all a given. That’s simply where we start our culinary process. 


On Cacao, Cocoa, Chocolate, and Chocolates

To truly delve into the dark (and somewhat mysterious) realm of chocolate, one must first learn the shibboleths that trace the transformation of fickle botanicals into bon bons. 

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