Chocolate Class: It’s Worth the Truffle! (Multiple dates for in-person classes)

Now THIS is definitely worth the truffle! You don't even have to know what a truffle is to enjoy this fun night!  

We're so excited to have world renowned Pastry Chef and Chocolatier Delphin Gomes here in Amesbury to lead this great evening!  He loves teaching all skill levels - and you'll be hands-on and diving in to create your own masterpieces!

You'll leave with the knowledge and instruction to recreate these for yourself at home. You'll also leave with a huge bounty of deliciousness - all made from the richest velvety chocolate in the world!
  • Produce simple (but crazy-tasty) chocolate creations like truffles, rochers, and mendiants.

  • Learn and practice hand-tempering chocolate. This may change your life if you like chocolate!

  • For beginners & even the seasoned pros who want a concise primer on the world of eating and making chocolates

  • Learn about the origins and types of chocolates

  • Make delicacies like exquisitely candied oranges and then enrobe them in chocolate. The combination of flavors is absolutely delightful.

  • Did we mention that you'll leave with enough of your fantastic creations to feed a small army? Well...slight exaggeration - but you get the idea :) 

Class Enrollment Information

1 Class 

4 Hours

Location - Amesbury Massachusetts

12 Students

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sheila Laing (South Hamilton, MA)
Delicious, Informative and Entertaining

I had a memorable experience with my daughter; learned so much about making truffles (even went home and ordered a thermometer and pot)! Superb instruction, delicious chocolate. Can't wait to try another class!

Donna Childs (Merrimac, MA)
Delicious and fun!

We split up into small groups, and each group made a different flavor of truffle. plus other sweets. We were able to go home with a good-sized box of delicious candies, plus a printed collection of recipes. Chef was open to all questions. Highly recommended!

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