Original Molten Drinking Chocolate


Meet our Molten Drinking Chocolate, hot chocolate’s worldly, refined, bold, sophisticated cousin. Each 6 oz. variety has a unique provenance, reflected in the hand-selected ingredients used to architect our flavors. And like all our chocolates, every combination of ingredients, flavors, and aromas tells a unique story. 


Chocolate has been a revered and respected food for at least four thousand years. The Mayans invented the original way of enjoying chocolate by adding ground cacao beans to hot water. It was a bitter, frothy affair. Brought back to Europe in the 14th century by Spanish explorers, chocolate had high value and was even used as currency.

What makes drinking chocolate different from hot cocoa?

To put it simply: how the drink mix is made. The biggest distinction is a purer product. Our drinking chocolates are made of real chocolate instead of cocoa powder, which means they don't dissolve...they melt. This leads to a richer, warmer, thicker, more aromatic drinking experience. Hot cocoa usually relies on powdered milk, thickeners, stabilizers, and myriad other ingredients that we personally don’t love putting in our bodies, let alone our drinking chocolate. 

Drinking chocolate is meant to be savored. Sink into your favorite chair with a warm mug of our Molten Drinking Chocolate and take a deep breath as the aroma of our superior cacao and spices envelops your senses.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Marcia Burns Mittler (Methuen, MA)
My New Favorite!

Purchased a bag of molten chocolate - so smooth and rich - the drink is Luscious!

Edward Noymer (Andover, MA)
Delicious and excellent presentation

I placed two separate orders and my daughter loved it, delicious. And I was happy with how easy it was to place the orders and received delivery updates.

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